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Oh these two, so classic and beautiful! I love shooting at the Athletic Club, there’s just something about a classic black tux kind of wedding. Absolutely timeless.

I loved witnessing their ceremony and all of their fun family traditions. This was a fun one. Such a tight knit group of people just there to celebrate and have a party. I truly enjoyed dancing the night away and capturing all of their sweet moments.

Congrats again Gillian and Adam! I hope the last 7 months have been full of wedded bliss!

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Maddie Paul Engaged 1pintopinterest

Oh my goodness I had such a great time with Maddie and Paul. I feel like the longer I do this, the more often I get clients that are like me. Felt like I could have stayed and talked to these two all night! Grateful that clients become friends and I am lucky enough to shoot some pretty incredible people.

Maddie has her own ceramics studio and she’s crazy talented! Once upon a time before I became a photographer I wanted to teach high school ceramics art – so her and I had a ton to talk about! Although I sadly sold all of my studio equipment, its still something I love and watching her studio/ceramics journey has just been so much fun for me!

Maddie and Paul are so relaxed and fun together. I felt like I just tagged along on their date at the park. These college sweethearts could not be more meant for each other. Their wedding is just a few short days away at High Line Car House – and I cannot wait to witness this union. Loved this shoot and the images that were the result of it. See you Saturday M+P!! Early congrats!!

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I have to say, this is one of my favorite sessions I’ve ever shot. 1. I LOVE Christmas. Any photo involving some Christmas spirit or a tree farm makes my heart thump. I love this shoot mainly because I feel I was able to capture this family’s true essence. I just joined them on one of their family traditions and we had the best time. I really enjoyed getting to know the M family. And their girls!? So cute, I just can’t!

And this note from Mama filled my heart with more joy than I think it can handle.. “Oh my goodness!  These are amazing!  You are incredible! They made me cry!  I just told Matt that these are as beautiful as our wedding photos and we haven’t had anything that good since! He totally agrees. These pictures are truly a treasure. I can’t thank you enough!”

What an amazing gift this career is. I am forever grateful.

I have TONS of Spring and Summer events to share on the blog from 2016, but I’m too excited about my Christmas shoots to make them wait until next year! I hope this post filled your heart with some Christmas magic! Happy Holidays!

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This. Session.

I have to be honest, this is one of my absolute favorite things to shoot! When Kelly emailed me with her vision for the session I just lit up. Kelly is a fellow photographer, hard-working mommy/blogger and asked if I would come to their home and get some updated head shots for her, and photograph their family in their element. Seriously, so fun for me! We did some inside, some outside, and just ran around their home and neighborhood. These images are some favorites of mine, they just feel so natural and real to me. Cannot even describe my love for in home sessions!

If you’re hesitating on Winter photos, don’t! Lets do them at your house where all of your memories are made.

Kelly thank you for choosing me to document this special time in your life and inviting me into your home and making me feel welcome immediately! It was such a treat for me!


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