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This is Jordan and Pete!

They got married on the perfect Spring day in Ohio. The weather you wish for but don’t always get. It was an incredible day full of so much love and happiness!

I had an absolute blast with their families and I wish them nothing but the best in the future! Congrats J+P!

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First, I love Shannon and Ryan so much! When they asked me to come to Mexico with them my jaw hit the floor. I’m sure they can attest to that. After they had booked, I couldn’t wait until April! I couldn’t wait to shoot in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico… and I couldn’t wait to make a little vacation of it!! I even got to bring my husband!!! Aaron was so amazing throughout the entire trip. He carried my bags and chased us around during portraits, and I pretty much just need to hire him. The whole trip was a blast, and my favorite part was getting to know Shannon, Ryan, and their amazing families. They are truly surrounded by amazing people.

Congratulations Shannon & Ryan!

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HI! Welcome to my 2nd post dedicated to our home renovations! I wanted to have so much more blogged at this point, but it seems as though there’s at least one thing in every room that still needs done. I didn’t want to share until they were completely finished, but then I realized the house will never be “finished.” Any home owner knows we are always making improvements and changes!

We closed on our home in November 2015 – So we are about 8 months in and have done about a million projects! I won’t get into all of them… Just the living room for today!

(If you’d like to see my post on our bathroom reno check it out: here )

Below you will see the BEFORE photos. Dark everything!

We moved in the day we closed because we had already sold our last house and only had 48 hours to get completely moved out. So some of these images have our belongings in them as we moved in 1st and did the renovations 2nd.

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SO — What all did we do!?!

  • Painted the fireplace white
  • Painted windows and trim white
  • Painted the walls a light gray
  • Removed dated blinds from all windows
  • Replaced all outlets and switches and covers
  • Removed brown cabinets
  • Entirely replaced the front and back doors with white doors with windows
  • Installed a new efficient gas furnace & air conditioning unit
  • Installed a Nest thermostat
  • And, of course decorated! (Thanks Target!)

When we purchased the house the previous owner had just replaced the carpet, it had never been lived on — So we’ve kept that until we are ready for the kitchen renovation! When we do the kitchen we are doing all the flooring, taking down a wall, and reconfiguring the entire room – So there is going to be a Living Room/Dining Room reno blog post 2 in the future. We are starting the kitchen sometime late Fall/early Winter and I will be sure to keep you posted on that! We’re definitely most excited about that project as it is going to be a major transformation!

This post took me so long to get up because we FINALLY just finished painting this room. We have painted literally every single wall in our house and somehow the living room was last. Least favorite: the stairwell. OMG – WORST! I resent painting so much!! But now that it’s done I see how much it can transform a space. I’m a lover of all things white/gray and I feel like our choices completely brightened up this space and made it so much more inviting.

Here is our quaint little space, hope you enjoy!

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We have projects going on in almost every single room! We have just a couple minor finishing touches on our bedroom and that should be wrapped up in the next couple weeks! I will be blogging that project next! Our bedroom had a pretty major transformation too, excited to share that one as well. We are working on our fence currently – pretty much everyone in my family is covered head to toe in poison ivy — (sooooo fun). We’ve been tearing out chain link and ripping out weeds. Holy lots of work. We are halfway done with the fence and I am dying at how beautiful it looks! Dreamy farm fencing that makes our curb appeal 100 times better! HONESTY moment: this life is tiring!! We moved from a brand new M/I build that had a fenced in patio to a total gut job fixer upper on 4 acres with a 4 car oversized garage and barn. Truly everything needs done! Just maintaining this property is overwhelming, let alone all the renos and projects! I almost forget our former life that I think consisted of a bunch of Netflix and chill. Those were the good ole days – and now THEY GONE.

I think its safe to say we are about 50%+ done with the renovations (I only say that because the kitchen is going to be our biggest task yet) so the light at the end of the tunnel is near. This was a dream of ours to do, we had no idea then just how hard it would be to achieve, but its a true labor of love and something we will be incredibly proud of when its finished.

Thanks so much for following along on our crazy journey to life in the country! It’s never a dull moment around here, I can promise you that. #lifeisgood


XOX- Ashley West

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I’m a wedding photographer first, I will most definitely admit that. But there is something I love so much about photographing families.

I photographed Nursah’s maternity photos a couple years back and loved meeting her and her husband and their adorable pup. But this time I got to meet their son. He’s a busy little guy, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sweating 10 minutes in, but the pure joy and happiness I was able to capture of this family was just incredible. I had so much fun chasing them around, playing together, blowing bubbles, and letting them just be them!

I’ve cut my family sessions down to about 4 per month, but please know I absolutely love to photograph them! My wedding schedule has gotten a tad crazy and to give myself a little personal time I have decided to shoot less portraits, its working out great and I can better focus on these clients and a little free time for me! I still have some openings for the Summer so I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much Nursah for allowing me to capture the beauty that is your family! It was a true joy!

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