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I met Joey & Allie for the first time in their beautiful German Village home this past winter. We immediately connected. I couldn’t get over how laid back these two were! Joey & Allie were literally my dream wedding day couple. Their hearts are huge AND they’re stylin’. As I was showing them my work and talking about their wedding day Joey told me the story of how he found Allie’s beautiful engagement ring. He purchased it at Grandview Mercantile! Mind blown. No way. I’m Grandview Mercantile’s web photographer! I felt like it was meant to be! They decided they wanted to book me before I left. I was ecstatic!

Their wedding day. I had so many favorite parts!!! Including meeting their absolutely adorable son, Tyler. They love him SO much. Allie and Tyler sat in a chair in a private room in their home while she read a letter Joey wrote to Tyler. It had me in tears. These experiences are why I love being a wedding photographer. Love is so good. Their Due Amici ceremony was small, intimate, sweet, and full of love. Perfect. The 3 of us left during dinner to travel around Columbus and shoot a little more. Columbus skyline, train tracks, Joey’s navy blue tux, and Allie’s dress. SWOON.

Congratulations Joey & Allie! To a very happy life!

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I am so excited to share with you the beauty that is Shannon and Adam!! I grew up with Adam, his sister and bridesmaid is my best friend… So this wedding was especially emotional for me! Loved seeing their joy and laughing and crying along with the family. The weather was so gorgeous, the spring trees in bloom… It was breathtaking. I love shooting at The Darby House! What an amazing venue!!

Congrats Shannon and Adam!! Hope you are in wedded bliss!!

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Meet one of my wonderful 2015 couples, Jillian and Mike!

It was absolutely gorgeous on the day of their engagement session. 75 degree day in May in Ohio, you can’t really beat that.

These two are so sweet, and an absolute joy to be around. I loved getting to know them walking around the city. I know their June 2015 wedding will be perfect. So looking forward to it! Congrats again!!


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