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There is nothing quite like the anticipation of meeting your child. I never understood this fully until we were pregnant with Porter. It was truly the most exciting (and nerve-wracking/anxiety ridden) time in our life. How many times in your life will you get to meet one of the most important and impactful people you will ever know? Becoming a parent changes you in so many ways. One day you are you, the next day you are mom. I’m not sure I fully appreciated the importance of a maternity session until we had our own. These are the last photos you will ever have of the two of you. You will show your kids one day and say “there was totally an us before you!” Creating a life with the person you love most, theres just nothing like it. And I can’t tell you how much I love photos of me pregnant. It’s like, WAIT I DID THAT? How empowering! Growing our Porter was the most important work I’ve ever done. I feel proud. I feel strong. Pregnancy is such a short phase of life, one that could soon be forgotten – that’s why I think the world of maternity photos.

This is Josh and Val — great friends of ours. Their little Aida is just 4 months (to the day!) older than Porter. Its going to be fun watching these two toddle around together in the coming months. So glad I could document this time in their life -a fleeting time. When you feel like you’ve been “pregnant forrrreeeveeerrrr” and then all a sudden its over and you almost forget what it was even like. I think this season of life is one to be documented and celebrated. It may only come around once/twice/(three times if I’m lucky) in a lifetime. Congrats (a little late) Josh and Val, we love you! All three of you!

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Straders Green House on E Broad — how perfect!?  ^^^^^^^^^


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Lauren and Joel and their elegant, classic, rainy Spring wedding.

Bride’s favorite moment of the day: “Seeing Joels face at the end of the aisle was one of happiest moments of the day for me. It started raining right when our guests were entering the venue, I was so upset because our ceremony was supposed to be outside, but as soon as I saw him, everything that had me stressed out, went away and nothing else mattered!”

See the amazing vendors at the end of this post!


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Venue: Pinnacle Golf Club
Florist: POSY
Dress: Wendy’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses:Wendy’s Bridal
DJ: MDizzle Entertainment
Invites/Calligraphy: Ink & Ivory (invites) The Columbus Calligrapher (signage)
Ice Cream/Late night treat: Jeni’s
Cake: The Cake Studio
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Maddie & Paul just celebrated their one year anniversary!! (Blame my lack of blogging on pregnancy and a new baby!) Posts are going to be a little behind this year, but I’m still just as excited to walk down memory lane and reminisce these amazing weddings.

I love Winter weddings! I love the colors, the snow, an excuse to snuggle. There’s just something about them! Can we start doing more Winter weddings, Columbus!?

Maddie and Paul suddenly moved up their wedding date because they were just so excited to be married. Getting to know them both was such a joy. Maddie is an artist and incredible at ceramics. AND they are expecting their first baby right now!! These two are so genuine, and just so in love.

Maddie talking about their first look: “When we look back at those photos and remember those moments, there is just pure joy. We were so happy and felt so blessed to be there, doing what we were doing, with our closest friends and family that the fact that it was actually painful to be outside [in the cold] and did not have the perfect weather and fall setting didn’t matter even a little bit! We had the absolute best time and I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect day.”

I am so happy for these beautiful souls! Happy Anniversary you two!!

Check out vendors below.

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Such a gorgeous DIY event pulled together by their friends and family!

Florist: Maddie’s Aunt Mary
Invites/Calligraphy: Maddie & Maddie’s Mom
Cakes: Carrot cakes/center pieces were my mom with the help of my Aunt Paula on icing/decorating and then Paul’s grandma made him his favorite german chocolate cake!
Hair: Maddie’s cousin Corrie Dignan
Makeup: Brooke Backus
Dress: Solo Dresses (online)
Bridesmaid dresses: – Tricks of the Trade Dress
DJ: Josh Staley Productions –
Video: Mark Schmitter –
Venue: High Line Car House
Caterer: Two Caterers
Portraits taken at: The Ohio State House
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I photographed Candase and Tony’s engagement in 2011 & wedding in 2012 – They’ve been around since the beginning! I have had so much fun watching their family grow over the years. They are one of my longest term clients, and I just love them! Photographing the love in their family is easy, and they make some pretty cute kids too.

I’m sharing their maternity and newborn session in one post today. April in Ohio is something dreamy. Loved all the gorgeous blooms and that perfect baby bump. Already excited for the next time I can photograph this sweet family. Hope you are loving life as a family of four!

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