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Morgan and Dom = ADORABLE!

I had so much fun with them! This sessions screams Summer time to me… And although I am 100% ready for Fall right now, I know I will miss warm evenings like this running around barefoot.

Morgan’s Dad’s vintage truck was the perfect accessory for their shoot. We literally laughed the entire night. Grateful I could capture these moments for them. Congrats you two!!

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So excited to finally share this blog post all about my amazing best friends, Jayd & Noam. I’ve known Jayd nearly 10 years! We met in the 11th grade, in class at our career center in Delaware, Ohio. We had the same hemp Converse shoes, and I remember thinking she was super cool with her at&t sidekick. Remember those? Naturally, we connected immediately. She was a quiet talker and has always had a collected personality. The calm to my crazy! Jayd was so cool she even drove me to every one of my driving classes! When we were 21 she packed up her van and moved away to Colorado, where she met Noam. I flew out to stay with them for a week, meeting Noam for the first time, we had an absolute blast. We cooked, made jewelry, took photos… and did a complete 360 in a car with horrible brakes on the side of a mountain. No big deal. Friends that fear for their lives together, stay together. Their mutual passion for animals, including not eating them… being outside, growing plants, and thrifting. And the way he looks at her, I knew this was it. Over the years my husband and I have traveled many times to where they now reside, so lovely, so sunny, San Diego. Every time we come home I’m ready to pack my cats, and my bags…. and move right next door to her. The 10 days we spend together are NEVER enough. I miss her even when I’m with her! Those puppy nephews of mine too. Love you Tiko & Oscar. Jayd’s passion for her career and living a happy life are admirable. She’s really good at a lot of things, but I know for a fact she’s making a fantastic wife.
The wedding!!! My husband and I shot a beautiful wedding in Mexico then hopped on plane and headed straight to San Diego! Aaron ended up being sick for several days throughout the trip… but I still had fun! I have always loved spending time with Jayd’s family – I was so happy they all made the trip from Ohio to watch our girl get married. Jayd & Noam’s wedding was intimate, and perfect. If you know these two you know they’re tastefully frugal. They love a good deal, and they sure know how to find one. They had a killer wedding because of it. Jayd’s stunning dress was custom made by a lady named Jean Showalter in San Diego. She grew the succulents and put the table settings together herself. They bought their invitations from a craft store and had them printed, she ordered her flowers in bulk (including that AMAZING king protea) and her sister’s and I put the bouquet together. The ceremony even included a well known musician named Tamara Voskaya from Russia, a family friend! Being apart of such an important day in my best friend’s life is one I’ll never forget. The last 10 years of memories have been pretty good… but I’d say this was the best.
Congratulations Jayd & Noam. I love ya forever!


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Congrats Gina and Matt!

These two are the epitome of go with the flow. What every bride worries about all year long happened to Gina, rain. But guess what!! Can you even tell?? We made an impulse decision to head to Franklin Park Conservatory and I am so glad we did. Their wedding photos turned out as happy and bright as they are. Occasionally things happen on wedding days that we cannot control, but Gina and Matt rolled with it and directed their energy toward what really matters, each other. I loved spending the day with them and their sweet family. Forever grateful for every client that chooses me.

Thank you so much. Happy few months of marriage!!

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