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Loooooved taking a walk down memory lane today and remembering the love that these two share.

Lindsey and Danny found me through friends of theirs whose wedding I had photographed. I met them at Jorgensen Farms and we had such a fun talk during cocktail hour that night. Before I knew it they had booked me for their wedding and we were shooting their adorable flower farm engagement session. (Click here to view!)

I had such a great time getting to know them both over the year of planning. Their bridal party & friends and family were so sweet and so welcoming – I just immediately felt like I belonged!

They had the sweetest outdoor ceremony with their own vows, tears all around! My heart was very full on this day to say the least.

Grateful to have witnessed these moments and such a sweet love story. Congrats again Lindsey and Danny!!

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I shot this session a almost a year ago, but life got in the way of blogging it. I’m so glad I realized I missed it because it is one of my favorites!

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting in home sessions? It’s creeping up there at the top of the list of one of my favorite things to shoot. I just love the sweetness of a new family, how relaxed people feel in their own space. And I know how special my home is to my husband and I… It’s where we build so much of our life, where so many memories are made. In home lifestyle sessions are just beautifully authentic to me! I cherish every single one that I get the opportunity to photograph.

The W family is near to my heart! Angela and I are photo friends and have been for several years. I think so highly of her, and her boys just kill me with their cuteness. I am so very happy for this growing family and truly honored to have been able to capture this time in their life.

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Ohhhhh, Tara & Nick.

Tara and I have some mutual friends, but had never met until our consultation for her wedding. She emailed me the day she got engaged SO EXCITED! Her enthusiasm was so infectious and I knew I’d just love to work for her. I was so flattered that she contacted me before her venue to first check my availability because I was their absolute first choice as a photographer. They booked Via Vecchia on July 2, 2016 and it was just a dream!

When Tara emailed and asked if we could do their engagement session on a family friends farm it was an immediate YES from me. We had the best time getting to know each other and I loved watching these two together. They have this calmness and sureness about them that I found so sweet. And Tara is a lover like me, she loves hard and with her whole heart and I find that just super inspiring. And their puppy was just an added bonus:)View their adorable E session HERE

I had been looking forward to their wedding for awhile – Being Tara’s friend on social media I saw all her fun posts about the upcoming wedding and I could just feel her excitement! The day I assure you did not disappoint. What a beautiful celebration that highlighted a true love story. And any event that Sunny Meadows Flower Farm does the flowers for you can sign me up!

I loved blogging their wedding 6 months later because I got to relive it all over again. THANK YOU Tara and Nick for entrusting me with the memories of one of the biggest days in your life. I wish you all the best in the years to come!

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Oh these two, so classic and beautiful! I love shooting at the Athletic Club, there’s just something about a classic black tux kind of wedding. Absolutely timeless.

I loved witnessing their ceremony and all of their fun family traditions. This was a fun one. Such a tight knit group of people just there to celebrate and have a party. I truly enjoyed dancing the night away and capturing all of their sweet moments.

Congrats again Gillian and Adam! I hope the last 7 months have been full of wedded bliss!

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