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1 Year Anniversary — Ashley+Nick // US! {Personal Post} 9.20.14

I am having a really hard time believing that we have been married one entire year! Its crazy, the older we get the faster time truly does fly.

Nick and I are so lucky in this life we have. Together almost 8 years and married 1, and I’ve gotta say — life is pretty good. This year we’ve taken a few trips, worked a lot, loved a lot more, made memories with friends, spent time with family, and been truly happy. I feel wonderfully content in our life. It’s comfortable, easy, safe, fun, adventurous, and completely and plainly normal at times. If I am going to binge watch Netflix or take a trip across the world, there is no one else I’d rather do it with. Pretty remarkable in life to find someone who just fits in your plans, loves and understands you, has the same dreams and goals — it gives me this sense of ease in our life. Like everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

I love you Nick! I love our exciting times, and I love our simple times. I love you for your freckles, your heart, your willingness to try out all my crazy ideas in life, your work ethic, how you laugh at me (and everyone else) constantly, your passion for motorcycles, that you’re my puppy parenting partner, that you support all my career goals, and that you make me feel like anything in life is possible. It’s just gonna get better and better. Happy first anniversary! Can’t wait to celebrate in California next month!

(All photos in this post taken by the amazing Kismet Visuals & Co. Rehearsal Dinner first, then wedding! Oh and Don’t miss our wedding video by Little Tree Studios at the bottom)

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