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2015 – A Reflection // Personal Post – {Our year in iPhone photos}

This year has been pretty incredible.

When you are little and you dream of your future and your life… You see all sorts of things. I know I wanted to be a famous singer, and then a nurse, and then a ceramics art teacher, and then of course – a photographer! I wanted a beautiful wedding and a love like my grandparents. As I got older I dreamt of buying a fixer upper on a nice piece of land. I grew up riding quads and dirt bikes on my grandparents property. Along with Fall hay rides on the tractor, yearly birthday parties spent outside, catchin’ fish in the “crick” and picking apples.  I think this is where my love for the country and being outside began.

If someone told me 8 years ago when I start dating Nick that all of our wildest dreams would not only come true, but be surpassed – I swear I would not have believed you. Our love for each other, dedication to our jobs, support from family & friends, and never letting go of what we want got us where we are today. I have a million things to be grateful for this year – Health, a successful business doing something I love, literally the best and most supportive family in the world, an incredible husband, friends I’ve had for a lifetime, and a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. THANK YOU. To every single person that has touched our lives through the years. I am so inspired by friends, family, clients to keep working towards all of our dreams.

Here is our 2015 in iPhone photos!!


-Hiked the Smoky Mountains in January

-Skied in New York in February

-Spent time with friends in Hocking Hills

-Celebrated Easter with family

-Endless date nights

-Bon fires and cookouts with friends

-Picked strawberries and ate ice cream

-Shot 30 amazing weddings and 100 portrait sessions

-My work was featured in both 2015 Knot Ohio issues and the 2015 National

-We kissed our puppies and drove our old truck

-I went to Mexico with my parents and sister, our first vacation as just a family of four since I was a small child

-Attended weddings and watched my friends get married

-Found out our best friends are pregnant and having a baby girl

-Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in California

-Picked pumpkins and ate chili with friends

-Bought the fixer upper we’ve always dreamed of in November

-Had another amazing Christmas with everyone we love in the world


Every year I’m amazed at where the world has taken us. 2015 will be hard to top!



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