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Another update on love and life // Personal Post // By: Ashley West

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Hello, friends.

Some days I just wake up and want to post a personal life update. Today’s that day! I’ve found I really love looking back on these posts. They make me crazy grateful/happy!

SPRING IS HERE. And I am in L with it. The past week has been 70’s and sunny and its brilliant. We’ve been working on gardening around the house and spending tons of time outside. It’s been amazing! I hung a hammock and we’ve spent some evenings swinging away. And my Dad built me a tree swing (might be my favorite part of the house right now!) that I find myself on almost once a day. Never too old to swing 🙂

The indoor renovations at the house have slowed some. We are painting a ton! Painting interior doors, walls, hanging wallpaper, and small misc finishing touches. Our focus right now since the weather is nice is outside! We have some major fencing to replace/repair and that is on the horizon for the next month. Excited about this! We tore out a super weird and dingy koi pond (not an easy task and I did it with my bare hands #countrybumpkin) and got rid of the hot tub on the deck. Now we’re ready to landscape and make this the oasis of our dreams! It’s getting there!! Plans to start the kitchen in late Fall when the weather turns. This will be a huge transformation and I get really excited thinking about it! Stay tuned! 🙂

Easter this year was beautiful, we spent it on the patio at my parents house. 76 and sunny in March, YES. Such a good day spent with family! Nick and I pulled out the ’69 Ford and went for a cruise. Love our time spent in that truck.

I planted an indoor herb garden in our sunroom and its giving me allllllllllll the feels. I love plants inside. I love plants outside. I love plants. Always wanted an indoor garden space and the herbs seem to be happy there. Time to get to cooking with those!

April 9th Nick and I were in our great friends wedding, Josh and Valerie! 32 and snowing on their wedding day, but all it did was make for some good laughs and amazing memories! They got married at North Bank Park and the place looked like a beautiful greenhouse. So well lit with organic green florals everywhere, what a dream! We had SO MUCH FUN. Danced for hours. I love being a guest at weddings! Nick and I boogied all night. It will go down as one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to for sure. Love this time spent with friends!

We had a family cookout at our house last weekend to celebrate Nick’s birthday (we’re a week early!) But it went wonderfully. This was our first time having people over at the house and I just loved it. Finally, getting to enjoy this space the way we’ve dreamed about! Watching my Grandparents in our rocking chairs was the highlight of my day. The deck is definitely going to be our spot all Summer long. Time for more cookouts! Now we just need a grill 🙂

We got word this week that Nick received an amazing promotion at work. WE ARE THRILLED. After 5 interviews and tons of prepping, planning, dry cleaning, and a couple sleepless nights HE GOT THE JOB. I am so incredibly proud of this man. He really works hard in every avenue of life. He’s worked endlessly on the house, mostly things that mean the world to me, and he does them just to make me happy. He could care less what color the doors are, but he promised one day he was going to give me my dream house and he’s really held true to that promise. Nick’s made promises during our almost 9 year relationship, on our wedding day, and even since then…. And he’s followed through on every one of them. I know that his employer has seen these qualities in him as well. I’m so lucky to be with such a smart and sweet, happy and hardworking, driven man. We went to the Garth Brooks concert last Saturday (which was so fun by the way!) Nick had never really listened to his music, however he had the best time. He’s just always genuinely happy to be with friends and family no matter what it is that we’re doing. He’s so eager to agree to things I want to do and make me happy. His go with the flow personality is so refreshing and I’m incredibly grateful for him. Wish Nick some luck as he transitions into a new position at work in the next couple months! Can’t wait to see that cute butt in a suit and tie on the daily. Congrats babe!

Take a peek into our life over the past 5 weeks in iPhone photos.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reached out in the recent struggles that Nick and I have gone through. We have never felt so loved and taken care of. I appreciate all of the calls, cards, emails, texts, flowers, treats and efforts to do anything to brighten our day. I am blown away by the kindness of others, and those willing to share their stories to make me feel less alone. I cannot thank you enough. We feel much more ourselves today and are certainly working on focusing on all the good we have in our lives. Spring has been rejuvenating and the sunshine is certainly what my soul has needed. So, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you… so much.


“One of the wonderful things about being alive is that its never too late”



xox- Ashley West


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