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Raven & Corey, I wish you could hear their vows. I teared up. These two were made for each other. I absolutely loved photographing their beautiful day!

Raven and Corey 2pintopinterestRaven and Corey 3pintopinterestRaven and Corey 4pintopinterestRaven and Corey 5pintopinterestRaven and Corey 6pintopinterestRaven and Corey 7pintopinterestRaven and Corey 8pintopinterestRaven and Corey 9pintopinterestRaven and Corey 10pintopinterestRaven and Corey 11pintopinterestRaven and Corey 12pintopinterestRaven and Corey 13pintopinterestRaven and Corey 14pintopinterestRaven and Corey 15pintopinterestRaven and Corey 16pintopinterestRaven and Corey 17pintopinterestRaven and Corey 18pintopinterestRaven and Corey 19pintopinterestRaven and Corey 20pintopinterestRaven and Corey 21pintopinterestRaven and Corey 22pintopinterest

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Summer Family 1pintopinterest

As most of you know, I shoot a lot of family portraits. I could argue that everything I shoot is my favorite, truly because I love it all. But right now I’m going to let family photos win. Maybe it’s because of the season of life I am in myself. That right now I have two babies of my own and they are literally my universe. Watching my children grow, how much we cherish every moment, every milestone, every photograph makes me that much more passionate about documenting your family. I know what these images mean to you. I show up to every shoot with the intention of capturing your legacy, your story, your history as a family. I am truly honored and humbled by every single family that chooses me. Take a peek at some adorable summertime sessions from last year. I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Summer Family 2pintopinterestSummer Family 3pintopinterestSummer Family 4pintopinterestSummer Family 5pintopinterestSummer Family 6pintopinterestSummer Family 7pintopinterestSummer Family 8pintopinterestSummer Family 9pintopinterestSummer Family 10pintopinterestSummer Family 11pintopinterestSummer Family 12pintopinterestSummer Family 13pintopinterestSummer Family 14pintopinterestSummer Family 15pintopinterestSummer Family 16pintopinterestSummer Family 17pintopinterest

SummerFamily18-1pintopinterestSummer Family 19pintopinterestSummer Family 20pintopinterestSummer Family 21pintopinterestSummer Family 22pintopinterestSummer Family 23pintopinterestSummer Family 24pintopinterest

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Jorie Jake Married 1pintopinterest

Jorie and Jake, a classic, elegant, beautiful couple. They got married on the hottest day of the year, surrounded by their loving friends and family. I truly enjoyed capturing this day, a sweet true love story. Take me back to shooting amazing weddings again!

Florist: Flowerman Video: Brandon Rohrig Invite: Minted Hair: Caris Whetstone (Sweet Caroline Salon) Makeup: Brooke Hunter DJ: Blue Water Kings (band) Venue:  St. Charles (reception), Holy Cross Church for ceremony Dress:  BHLDN Veil: Camilla Christine Suits: Pursuit
A special thanks to 2nd shooters Kelsie Anderson & Nursah Wood, XOXO

Jorie Jake Married 2pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 3pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 4pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 5pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 6pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 7pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 8pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 9pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 10pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 11pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 12pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 13pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 14pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 15pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 16pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 17pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 18pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 19pintopinterestJorie Jake Married 20pintopinterest

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Studio Events 1pintopinterest

I present to you, my studio space! Most of you have already seen this as the building has been done since October 2018. It has slowly evolved into a small event space and I wanted to share some information for that here to those inquiring!

A little back story… My husband and I purchased our dream property in November 2015. We have spent the last 4 years renovating every inch of it. When we moved in, this building stood, however it looked NOTHING like this:)Dirt floors, a storage barn if you will. But I knew immediately what I was going to do with it. And 2018 was the lucky year that we got around to it! I use the space as a natural light photography studio most of the time. However, we have had such an interest in small events that we are now offering this as well.

Here is a little information on the barn!

We are located in Pataskala between Granville and Blacklick. The max capacity is 50 people. We host small celebrations such as bridal and baby showers, children birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.  The space is booked hourly and completely DIY (there will be no staff on site). It is 1280 square feet, has a full bathroom and full kitchen on site.

You can find more photos and constant updates on my instagram: @ashley_west_photo (be sure to check out story highlights for “Event Venue.”)

If you are interested in booking the space for your next celebration, please email and I will be sure to send over the pricing guide with more information! It has been so much fun to be a small part in peoples happiest milestones in their lives. We hope to host you soon!

Studio Events 2pintopinterestStudio Events 3pintopinterest

And a few iPhone photos as well! We do also rent the space out to other photographers. Again shoot me an email if you are hoping for a photo rental and I would be happy to send over rental information!

Studio Events 4pintopinterestStudio Events 5pintopinterest

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