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There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new baby into your family. The moment I met my boys and the weeks and months following were truly some of the best (and exhausting!) times in my life. They stay little for such a brief time that every single photo we have in those early days is so cherished. I could argue that weddings, engagements, outdoor family sessions, and in home sessions are all in some way my favorite to shoot – I truly love all that I do. But there is just something about coming into your home, the one you brought your baby to and experienced all those sleepless nights, that is so special. It is so YOU. Most of the best memories from childhood are the simple ones within the walls of your home. I am so grateful to be able to capture that fleeting time for my clients. I threw together some of my favorite in home sessions from 2019 and wanted to share. I hope you enjoy taking a peek at these moments as much as I loved capturing them.

In Home Shoots 2019 2pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 3pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 4pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 5pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 6pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 7pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 8pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 9pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 10pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 11pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 12pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 13pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 14pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 15pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 16pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 17pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 18pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 19pintopinterestIn Home Shoots 2019 20pintopinterest

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Jess Matt Married 1pintopinterest

Jess and Matt shared a beautiful and intimate day. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, a beautiful venue, beautiful flowers, and even more beautiful vows, these two are a dream couple and completely deserving of one another. It was an honor to witness and document their amazing wedding.

Jess Matt Married 2pintopinterestJess Matt Married 3pintopinterestJess Matt Married 4pintopinterestJess Matt Married 5pintopinterestJess Matt Married 6pintopinterestJess Matt Married 7pintopinterestJess Matt Married 8pintopinterestJess Matt Married 9pintopinterestJess Matt Married 10pintopinterestJess Matt Married 11pintopinterestJess Matt Married 12pintopinterestJess Matt Married 13pintopinterestJess Matt Married 14pintopinterestJess Matt Married 15pintopinterestJess Matt Married 16pintopinterestJess Matt Married 17pintopinterestJess Matt Married 18pintopinterestJess Matt Married 19pintopinterestJess Matt Married 20pintopinterestJess Matt Married 21pintopinterestJess Matt Married 22pintopinterestJess Matt Married 23pintopinterest

Video- Brandon Rohrig
Flowers- Sunnymeadows
Dessert- From scratch cupcake
Food- Smokeout BBQ
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Laura Dave Engaged 1pintopinterest

Laura+Dave, aren’t they beautiful!? It’s pretty easy to see their chemistry and how much fun we had during their engagement shoot this Summer. They wanted me to come along for a date night, and that put us at one of the coolest spots in Columbus, Lincoln Social. We had such fun time exploring the bar and getting to know each other. I love when couples come to me with an idea in mind for their engagement sessions. I love to see their personalities come out and to do something thats super “them.” I think it absolutely paid off because I adore these images. What a perfect night! I am shooting their wedding TODAY! And I cant wait. See you at Dock580 in a few hours!

Laura Dave Engaged 2pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 3pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 4pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 5pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 6pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 7pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 8pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 9pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 10pintopinterestLaura Dave Engaged 11pintopinterest

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joriejakeengaged 1pintopinterest

Jorie and Jake are getting married on Friday and I am SO excited to spend their day with them! Thought it might be a good time to share their engagement session that we did on a bright and sunny day in March.

When I shoot engagement sessions I love to get to know couples and do things during their shoot that are very “them.” Jorie and Jake live in Grandview and we wandered through their favorite spots. It was such a great time! I know they will always look back at these photos and remember this sweet time in their life, when they were engaged and walked to date night.

Can’t wait for Friday! Congrats you two!

joriejakeengaged 2pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 3pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 4pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 5pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 6pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 7pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 8pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 9pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 10pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 11pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 12pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 13pintopinterestjoriejakeengaged 14pintopinterest

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