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Meet Lauren and Brian!!

These two are ADORABLE. I loved them instantly when we did their engagement session at a bar — and then wandered to a park to read Harry Potter and get macaroons. These are people after my own heart!

Their wedding day was one to remember for so many reasons. If you live in Ohio — you have experienced the constant rain we have had here this Summer. And June 13th got a little wet! But that did not stop these two from having their outdoor Ceremony. We all got a little wet, but that definitely did not keep us from our hearts being so full from their very personal ceremony (they were married by their siblings!)

Lauren and Brian’s style was too perfect. Her dress was custom made and hand painted. I absolutely loved the watercolor theme that carried throughout the day. The bright colors – the vintage details – the gorgeous flowers – the perfect venue – this wedding was so fun to shoot!

Congrats Lauren and Brian on a beautiful and unforgettable day!

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This is my sweet friend Claire.

I met Claire almost 3 years ago through another mutual photo friend — and I loved her instantly. She is a wedding photographer, too. (see her amazing work @

She asked me if I would come over one morning and shoot her and Willa in their normal morning routine, and I am so glad she did. Watching Claire become a mama has been really amazing to witness. I’ve been very inspired by how her and her husband raise Willa, travel constantly, and focus on what’s important in life. They have been a great example to Nick and I, and it makes us excited for that time in our life. She already knows she’s my go-to for advice on how to balance wedding photography and being a parent (when the time comes of course!)

Going into someone’s home and photographing them in their element is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It feels so natural, so authentic. I love how every home is different and how the light falls in the different rooms… And you know I loved that Rouxby (their 8 year old pup) was around for some photos, too.

Grateful for this opportunity to photograph something so truly beautiful — a relationship between a mama and a baby.



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Lydia and Tom are such a sweet couple. These two kicked off the rain every single weekend in Ohio for 4 weeks straight… And they took it like champs! Of course, most of us don’t wish for rain on our weddings day — but, things happen! My hugest piece of advice, do everything in your power not to let it get to you… As long as you are married at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

So, right when we pulled up to their first look planned outside in German Village, it DUMPED water. We decided to improvise and head to their venue. Lydia and Tom were total troopers and stayed focused on everything that truly matters, each other.

My absolute favorite detail of the day were her gorgeous bouquets. That deep magenta/red peony, to die for!!

We popped in and out of the rain and ate delicious donuts, and celebrated all night.

Congrats L+T!! Loved spending your day with you.

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I love Ruthie and Ben so much!! Shooting their wedding was an absolute JOY. Ruthie is a spunky little thing full of life and Ben is so humble and sweet…. and they love each other to pieces. The weather on their wedding day was, well perfect. The sunset was so amazing and the perfect glow for their portraits. This day was tons of fun, completely unforgettable.

Congrats you two!!! <3

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