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Eeeeek!!! I’ve shot so many beautiful weddings in the past few weeks and I am just dying to share them all!!

Meet Lauren and Paul…

They’re the sweetest, ever.

Lauren is Ashley Wallace’s (Ashley #2!!) cousin. I was so so so excited to be a part of their day. I knew it would be just my style and I was so excited to spend time with Ashley’s family. Lauren did an amazing job planning the day. Their venue on private property was more than perfect. Her details were adorable, the vintage truck was the perfect accessory, and their vows made my heart thump. So many wonderful memories from their day and I am so glad I was there to capture it.

Lauren and Paul I hope you are living happily ever after!!!

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Hi. Hello! How are you!?

This post is long over-due. I see so many amazing photographers and bloggers that take the time to not only blog their work, but their personal life too… And every time I read one of their posts I say… I NEED TO DO THIS MORE! I want to share my life with you, updates on whats going on in the biz, and on the personal side of life too. I find that during busy season all of my time goes to shoots/meetings/weddings/emails/editing and all the not so exciting back end work. So I apologize for the time between my posts. I’m working on it (along with a million other things!) BUT with all of this being said, we are trying social media free nights in our household. No phones, no technology on certain nights of the week. Keeps us grounded and truly present in our moments. So I promise to blog more of my personal life, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with it:)

SO — here I am.

How in the heck is Ashley West Photography?

–Well, she’s good. Reeeeaaaalllll good. Crazy busy. Crazy excited for the future. Crazy excited about all the new things we’ve implemented into the business so far this year. Basically, crazy.

Ashley Wallace is doing AMAZING. I couldn’t be prouder. Those of you that follow me (and her!) on instagram and Facebook have seen all her lovely work. She’s killin’ it and I couldn’t be happier. I am literally so excited at the opportunity for us to reach more and more of you. Growth is good. It’s going at the perfect pace and I’m just truly thrilled.

@ashleywallacephoto @ashley_west_photo (insta!)

Early Spring was spent busting my butt on a new brand. Most of you have seen my new site (clearly, you’re here now) and I am so happy its here and up and running. Lot’s of late nights and headaches, but worth all the blood sweat and tears that went into it!

I’ve also designed a bridal guide (take a peek at the iPhone shot below!) that I am sending along to my new clients to help in the planning of their day. It answers so many questions you may have and explains more of my shooting style and how your wedding day will go. This task took about as long as my website (can we say working overtime!) but it is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. It is currently my favorite accessory and gift to hand out to my couples. Wedding guide for the win!

Between the two Ashley’s we will be shooting about 45 weddings this year… (and we anticipate so much more for 2016!!) Again, crazy. I feel so lucky to be in a career I love, doing what I feel I was truly meant to do. I never left a 9-5. I was lucky enough to have several part time jobs when I started this business, and let them go one by one until photography was fruitful enough for me to go full time. I am so grateful at the opportunity to shoot the best day in your life. And I don’t take for granted for a second that I live a life I love. Sure, it comes with its ups and downs. Working most Saturdays and sometimes logging 70 hour weeks… But I wouldn’t change a thing. So, thank you for putting your trust and faith in me and contributing to a life that really is so fulfilling for me. This job fuels my creative mind and gives me so much joy.

With the new brand, website, blog and guides we are just moving forward. Swimming and swimming faster and faster to all our wildest dreams. Business life is good.


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SOOOOO what about Ashley West!?!?

My career is me, I am my career. And as much passion and heart and soul that I put into this business…. there’s still a lot of me left over to pursue my other passions in life.

So, take the Ashley West out of Ashley West Photography and you have — me.

Annnnddddd that little old me has been loving this warm weather. My organic garden is growing like crazy and i’m OVERJOYED about it. I am so looking forward to famers markets and everything this season brings. Minus the seasonal allergies, please expect me to have tissues permanently stuck in my nose at your outdoor wedding. It’s fine. Yes I did just sneeze 37 times in a minute. I’m okay. Annnnnnnd I’m sorry.

Nick and I have been married 8 and a half months already. HOW IS THAT REAL!? Didn’t we just get married yesterday? We’ve both been working so hard in our careers and are looking forward to some future plans that will encourage us to slow down a little! (stay tuned!). Work is great, of course. I LOVE seeing all of you. But we all need a break sometimes. Recharge, relax, take a breather and hold onto what really matters in life. We’ve taken some tiny steps to achieve this as well. So I’ve been having meals delivered, delegating business tasks, promising myself Sunday’s off no matter what, and taking time to read a dang book. And let me tell ya it feels nice. Real life with Nick has been great. So fortunate to have a career I love, and a husband I love to pieces too. (and our dog babies!) Life is real real good.

Speaking of slowing down… I have a family trip booked today (yahoo!) to Mexico next month. GIVE ME THE OCEAN. I want to breath the air and hear the sounds and feel the sand.

And a trip in August to Utah with my best friend! We will be hiking and eating healthy and exploring the west. TAKE ME THERE.

And a little trip to celebrate our Anniversary to Cali in October. It’s fun to look forward to trips. Yay!

We have cookouts with friends planned, strawberries to pick, sweets to bake, jeeps for cruisin’, and life for livin’.

Can’t wait to share what Ashley #1 & #2 have been up to this Spring. YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT. See you all soon — xoxo, Ashley


“The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do.”





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How adorable are these two!!?! I absolutely LOVED meeting Ashley and Erich. When they said they wanted to do their engagement session at The Pearl (a local Columbus favorite spot) I was so excited to do something new! The night they got engaged they had dinner there and surprised their family… So they got to relive that the day of their session. We drank beer and giggled and got to know each other and it was so much fun.

Stop two was Franklin Park Conservatory, a beautiful botanical garden. It was so lovely. And the weather could not have been better.

These two are getting married in Florida and I unfortunately will not be there to see it, but I wish them the absolute best!!

Congrats again!!

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I am so excited to share with you the beauty that is Shannon and Adam!! I grew up with Adam, his sister and bridesmaid is my best friend… So this wedding was especially emotional for me! Loved seeing their joy and laughing and crying along with the family. The weather was so gorgeous, the spring trees in bloom… It was breathtaking. I love shooting at The Darby House! What an amazing venue!!

Congrats Shannon and Adam!! Hope you are in wedded bliss!!

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