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Tapp Wedding 1

Lindsey & Dustin will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this weekend so I thought it fitting to finally blog their wedding!

I LOVE a good classic and elegant wedding. You just truly cannot go wrong. These two are beautiful and really inspiring to photograph.

Please see all of their incredible vendors at the bottom of this post.

Happy Anniversary to you!!

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Dress: Wendy’s Bridal
Alterations: Lucia Sarto in Kansas City who completed redesigned it into a deep V with straps.
Flowers: Flowerman
Planner: KBL Event & Design (Kate Lucas)
Venue: Highline Car House
Invite: JuicyPaperie (Etsy)
Hair: Simply Makeup & Hair, LLC (Chelsea Travis)
Makeup: Simply Makeup & Hair, LLC (Chelsea Travis)
DJ/Band: Buckeye Entertainment (Josh Cianca)
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Steph Kevin Married 1

Steph and Kevin – humble and sweet, so kind and graceful. Completely in love.

Their beautiful Oak Grove celebration was a warmer Winter day in February. This allowed for them to have their ceremony in my favorite part of Oak Grove, the greenhouse. I truly loved spending this day with these two. Getting to know their family and friends, and being a very small part of their love story.

Congrats to two wonderful people that completely deserve each other!

Amazing Vendors at the bottom of this post!

Steph Kevin Married 2Steph Kevin Married 3Steph Kevin Married 4Steph Kevin Married 5Steph Kevin Married 6Steph Kevin Married 7Steph Kevin Married 8Steph Kevin Married 9Steph Kevin Married 10Steph Kevin Married 11Steph Kevin Married 12Steph Kevin Married 13Steph Kevin Married 14Steph Kevin Married 15Steph Kevin Married 16Steph Kevin Married 17Steph Kevin Married 18Steph Kevin Married 19Steph Kevin Married 20Steph Kevin Married 21Steph Kevin Married 22Steph Kevin Married 23Steph Kevin Married 24Steph Kevin Married 25Steph Kevin Married 26Steph Kevin Married 27Steph Kevin Married 28Steph Kevin Married 29Steph Kevin Married 30Steph Kevin Married 31Steph Kevin Married 32Steph Kevin Married 33Steph Kevin Married 34Steph Kevin Married 35

Venue: Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove

Planner: EDEP Weddings

Flowers: Jorgensen Floral

Dress: Luxe Redux Bridal

Rentals: Aiden and Grace

Cake: Short North Piece of Cake

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jennijohnmarried 1

Jenni and John had the most intimate and beautiful wedding. There’s something just different about an elopement, so personal, so special. Being in their presence felt like a true gift. These two are sweet, and kind, and so passionately in love. Photographing their day was truly so much fun for me.

If you’re teetering on whether you want a Winter Wedding or not, I vote YES. I love them!! I mean how dreamy and romantic is this!? Ahhh.

Congrats you two!!

jennijohnmarried 2jennijohnmarried 3jennijohnmarried 4jennijohnmarried 5jennijohnmarried 6jennijohnmarried 7jennijohnmarried 8jennijohnmarried 9jennijohnmarried 10jennijohnmarried 11jennijohnmarried 12jennijohnmarried 13jennijohnmarried 14jennijohnmarried 15jennijohnmarried 16jennijohnmarried 17jennijohnmarried 18jennijohnmarried 19jennijohnmarried 20jennijohnmarried 21jennijohnmarried 22jennijohnmarried 23jennijohnmarried 24jennijohnmarried 25

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Kelsey + Seth Married 1

Kelsey and Seth – Not enough good things to say! Gosh I just truly loved being a part of their day. I really think my words would do no justice to their wedding. I want you to look at these photos and just feel their love! Kelsey and Seth have a really unique love, and truly incredible friends and family, they are just amazing people and I think it shows so much in their images. You can almost hear the laughter, the tears, the toasts, their words. I felt such an intense amount of love on their day, and it resulted in some of my favorite photos, ever. Oh and P.S. if you didn’t see their Rehearsal Dinner, go back one post. you won’t regret it! Congrats again Kelsey and Seth!! XOX

Kelsey + Seth Married 2Kelsey + Seth Married 3Kelsey + Seth Married 4Kelsey + Seth Married 5Kelsey + Seth Married 6Kelsey + Seth Married 7Kelsey + Seth Married 8Kelsey + Seth Married 9Kelsey + Seth Married 10Kelsey + Seth Married 11Kelsey + Seth Married 12Kelsey + Seth Married 13Kelsey + Seth Married 14Kelsey + Seth Married 15Kelsey + Seth Married 16Kelsey + Seth Married 17Kelsey + Seth Married 18Kelsey + Seth Married 19Kelsey + Seth Married 20Kelsey + Seth Married 21Kelsey + Seth Married 22Kelsey + Seth Married 23Kelsey + Seth Married 24Kelsey + Seth Married 25Kelsey + Seth Married 26Kelsey + Seth Married 27Kelsey + Seth Married 28Kelsey + Seth Married 29Kelsey + Seth Married 30Kelsey + Seth Married 31Kelsey + Seth Married 32Kelsey + Seth Married 33Kelsey + Seth Married 34Kelsey + Seth Married 35Kelsey + Seth Married 36Kelsey + Seth Married 37Kelsey + Seth Married 38

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