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Fall Photo Outfit Inspiration // What to wear for your Engagement and Family Photos // Columbus, Oh Portrait Photography

I get asked all the time, what should I wear for my family photos!?

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So, I have put together this blog of couples and families who I think I did it right — and will help inspire you for your photos this Fall! Read my little tips before and after images that describe why I think it works!

  • Coordinate your family’s outfits.  Find a common color and “weave” it through your family.  For example, let’s say you choose the color gray (awesome, neutral color).  An idea would be gray slacks for dad, mom wears gray scarf, son wearing gray polo, or choose a dress with small prints that have gray (or a similar shade) in them, etc.  Not every member of the family has to wear it, but you’re aiming to try to tie the look together, and color is one of the easiest ways to do it.
  • If you’re going for more subtle, softer colors, consider adding pops of color through your accessories (shoes, scarves, belts, hair accessories, etc.)
  • Consider allowing one person in your family to be the “wild card.”  Maybe that person is wearing a bold shade of green or a fun print.  If so, make sure that the other family members are complimenting that person and not competing with them.  In other words, you shouldn’t have other people also wear green or bold prints that might clash.
  • Layer up!  Fall is the perfect time of year to layer your clothes.  It adds texture, and also gives you more options of different looks without the hassle of changing outfits.
  • Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in.  Now isn’t the time to break in new shoes or wear anything tight or constricting.  If you’re not comfortable, it will show in the images.   Pick clothing that accentuate your best feature or make you feel good.  It will show in all the best ways!

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When choosing outfits for family photos, I always stick to a neutral palette first and then select one or two colors to feature. This year, I used cream, gray and navy and then added touches of rust and red for Fall. I love how they are laid back and comfortable yet stylish; it works in any location setting. Notice how there aren’t any logos or writing on any of the clothes? That helps to keep the photographs from being dated and the focus stays on the members of the family, where it belongs, instead of the clothes. These outfits would look amazing on the walls of any room and look good in any style home, not to mention they would make fantastic holiday cards.

* Don’t be afraid to add cute accessories. Love the cute flower crowns these little girls wore!

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I’m a little bit in love with plaid 🙂 Love his plaid and navy shirt perfectly complimented by her navy dress with a brown leather belt!

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How fun is this hat!? SO adorable! Cute ankle boots. Perfect soft colors.

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Perfect color palette. Each member of the family has navy on in some part of their outfit. Navy plaid with the olive green, too cute! And love the use of layers.

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Cute scarf! Adorable cardigan. Perfect!

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How sweet is this little!? Tights, boots, skirt, sweater — perfect! (Way to layer!) And the little girls skirt coordinates with Mom’s sweater. Nailed it!

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ANNDDD here’s Nick and I last Fall 🙂 Had to throw this in here when I was searching for images and found it! (Yes Nick has words on his shirt, don’t do this! We weren’t planning on a “photo session” just took a couple at the pumpkin patch)

But I love all the pumpkins in this shot, cute boots, layer a flannel and jacket, sweater and scarf. My scarf pulls out the navy in Nick’s flannel. And they are all complimenting colors. And I was reminiscing 🙂

SO excited to see you all this Fall! Hope this post helped!


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