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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Ashley #2 is my new Associate. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!

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I have  HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to make!!! The gorgeous lady you see in these photographs is Ashley #2! She’s brilliant and beautiful and the best thing to happen to Ashley West Photography in a LONG time.

I’ve spent the last couple of years… let’s just say busy. Treading water and workin’ my butt off. And then it came to me. It’s time to grow. But, I couldn’t have this be a forced thing. I needed the perfect fit.

My husband, Nick grew up with Ashley Wallace (Ashley #2!) I’ve always watched her work. Called her one morning for a breakfast date and fell in love with her sweet soul. We’re alike in so many ways, and different in some too. Her passion for this business inspired me and I knew she would be the perfect fit, my right hand lady.

SO, what’s an associate!? Well, Ashley’s been 2nd shooting weddings with me for awhile now, and doing miscellaneous  business tasks, and doing AMAZING at all of them. She shoots like me. Edits just like me. Thinks like me. Loves like me. We were destined to work together. So, when you contact me, and I’m booked…. And I so sadly cannot shoot your wedding… I send you right over to Ashley Wallace (#2). Someone I can vouch for who is great at what they do. I know she will take great care of you and preserve the most amazing memories for you and your family. And until her schedule is booked, she will be 2nd shooting with me too, so she may even pop up at your upcoming wedding this year. (And we are going to work super hard to eliminate confusion, as we have practically the same name and the same heart). <3

This has been in the makes for a long time and we are SO EXCITED to finally make the announcement. ALL HAIL ASHLEY, who came into my life at the perfect time, showed me how great of a person and artist she is, and took a little off my plate so I could be the best Ashley West possible.

Check the blog back this Spring as Ashley Wallace (#2!) will be sharing some of her sweet weddings with you all.

Here is an adorable love shoot I shot of sweet Ashley and her Husband Aaron this past March. Love these two and their love for each other!

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–A little bit from Ashley Wallace (#2!)

I’ve always found joy in pulling the dusty boxes from the depths of my grandparents closet to sift through their old photos from the 70’s. Their photos remind me why I love capturing moments in the lives of those in love. I always feel so inspired by the love that surrounds me at weddings. Being a wedding photographer is the best job I can imagine.

I am a lover of the outdoors, sunshine, crafting, traveling, and snugglin’ up with my husband, Aaron and our cat Charlie in our tiny green house in Grandview, Ohio.

When I’m away from my camera you can find me tending to my vegetable garden and daydreaming about owning a mini farm in the country.

I’m super allergic to bees, love my family to pieces, happily married almost 2 years to my husband Aaron… who is an incredible artist that inspires me everyday.

Working with Ashley West has been such a great experience. She has pushed me since day one to make all of my dreams come true. I look forward to continuing this journey and meeting all of you!

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