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Kelsey+Seth // Fall 2018 Rehearsal Dinner // Oak Grove Jorgensen Farms {Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography}

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Seth and Kelsey’s rehearsal dinner was something out of a dream. The sunset on this night was truly the most gorgeous sky I have ever seen. Have you ever seen something so beautiful you’re literally almost frozen, just in complete and total awe. I had to almost remember I was shooting, it was truly that breathtaking. I was overwhelmed with how gorgeous the entire setting was. The sky, the venue, the couple, all completely beautiful… but their love, the most beautiful.

This weekend was one I will not soon forget. As soon as their family and friends walked into their rehearsal each guest introduced themselves to me, all their family, their bridal party, I felt so welcomed and warm. Getting to know Kelsey and Seth and see their genuine connection was so inspiring. Photographing the events of their wedding was a highlight of my year. And since their wedding Kelsey and all the ladies in her and Seth’s family came to my wreath making event and we got to spend another weekend together! That makes us all officially best friends, right!? Love this couple, their love, and truly just who they are. Enjoy some of my favorite photos!

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