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Lauren+Paul // Backyard Rustic Whimsical Wedding // 5.30.15 {Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography}

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Eeeeek!!! I’ve shot so many beautiful weddings in the past few weeks and I am just dying to share them all!!

Meet Lauren and Paul…

They’re the sweetest, ever.

Lauren is Ashley Wallace’s (Ashley #2!!) cousin. I was so so so excited to be a part of their day. I knew it would be just my style and I was so excited to spend time with Ashley’s family. Lauren did an amazing job planning the day. Their venue on private property was more than perfect. Her details were adorable, the vintage truck was the perfect accessory, and their vows made my heart thump. So many wonderful memories from their day and I am so glad I was there to capture it.

Lauren and Paul I hope you are living happily ever after!!!

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