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Our Bathroom Reno // #fromsuburbanhoodtochoppinwood {Before and After Photos} – Personal – By: Ashley West

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As most of you know, Nick and I purchased a fixer in the country in November. I’ve been talking about blogging our progress since we bought the place… It’s almost April and this is my first one… But hey, I delivered! Late, but still 🙂

I can’t believe how long these projects take when you are doing 95% yourself! (Meaning your Dad is helping with every single project) I remember when we closed I thought we would have most everything inside done at this point. HA! We’ve decided to push the Kitchen to late Fall or early Winter now. With the weather warming up we are excited to start on outside projects (and there’s a lot of those!)

The bathrooms were my first priority. Growing up in a very clean and well-kept home, I just about died having to live in these bathrooms for a month. I decided to just share our downstairs half bath today… We did the exact same finishes upstairs, new tub and tile and such… But honestly, they’re so similar I didn’t feel like perfectly cleaning the other one 🙂 So you just get one bathroom today but its about the exact same just add a shower!

The photos you see below are the BEFORE. So much brown, lots of dirt, and very dated fixtures. My style is white and clean and crisp with a little Joanna Gaines farmhouse to top it off.

My before photos aren’t incredible… They are from my iPhone and were taken in an absolute rush while we viewed the house. We had 36 hours to move in and I started ripping things out right away… So my before shots could be better, but you get the gist!

Scroll down to see the before and after shots and my explanation of what all we did!!

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We changed, everything! If we didn’t tear it out, we scrubbed it and painted it. We removed wallpaper, painted the walls gray, tore out the countertop and faucet, removed the mirror/light, removed the dated towel racks, used grout refresh on the floors, replaced all of the brown doors with brand new two panel white, replaced all knobs/hinges/hardware to brushed nickel, added quartz countertop with a white under mount sink, added white subway tile with gray grout, painted all trim white, added new outlets and covers, new mirror from target and mason jar light fixture, new toilets, new heat registers, painted the cabinets white, and of course hung my “toilet” sign from magnolia market! (Love Joanna Gaines!!)

This bathroom has been mainly done for about two months, but we just finished the final touches. When you do a reno project, its all in the details. You have to be sure to finish the job right! It’s finally 100% done!! We’ve learned so much in the past four months. Mainly that projects take triple the time you planned for. We have worked so hard for this dream and it makes me so excited that we are that much closer. I know when we are finished we will feel SO accomplished, like its our very own. We would absolutely not be able to do this without the help of my family… Who have volunteered their time almost every weekend to help us out. Every time I walk in this bathroom I go “HOW IS THIS MINE!?!” I am so proud of it. All of my dream finishes and something I never knew I could really have. So, enjoy these shots of the one room in our home that can be fully checked off our list!


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I have plans to blog at least a few times this year of the progress we have made. We have been working NON STOP!! Painting rooms. Adding new trim, replacing every single door inside and out with hardware and hinges, working on ceiling and flooring in our mudroom and sunroom, and so much more! I spent two hours last week hanging a hammock… and I love it!! We have so many trees on the property I feel like its a little oasis. I bought rocking chairs for the front porch… Literally my dream!! I live for sitting on that porch with family in the sunshine. After a couple more projects inside, we are focusing mainly out. I drug the patio furniture out of the barn… I’ve been begging my father and husband to help me build a tree swing, can’t wait for that one! We have some major fencing to fix on the property. It’s 4 acres completely fenced in but needs some repair. And we are going to replace the front with a nicer wood fence and hopefully a new mechanical gate. I want to plant a huge garden and hopefully a mini fruit tree orchard as well! So many projects!! But the sun is shining and I will just be happy to be outside working. I am making zero promises on when the next post will be 🙂 Wedding season really picks up for me in about a month so I won’t have as much time to devote to the house, so we will see what we get done before then!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at what we’ve been up to!!


XOXO – Ashley West

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