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Our trip to California // And a little life update // {Personal post}


HELLO FRIENDS! It’s been awhile since I did a personal post, I thought it about time for an update!

First: Our trip to California.

Nick and I celebrated our first anniversary on September 20th… Due to my wedding schedule we unfortunately were not able to take a trip on our actual anniversary, so we booked it a month later for the last week in October! Which ended up working out perfectly. Apparently October in California is called “the locals summer” because at this time all of the tourists have gone back home and the beaches are wide open. WE LOVED IT. We stayed in the most adorable AirBNB in Dana Point, CA about 10 minutes from Laguna Beach. We rented a Jeep and drove all over! We took a trip to San Diego, saw the seals at La Jolla Cove, hiked Torrey Pines, & went to the boardwalk at Pacific Beach. A good friend of ours recently moved to California so we spent a day with him and had a blast! It just so happened to be his birthday as well, we had so much fun celebrating. We had breakfast on Dana Point Harbor, went to Thousand Steps Beach and Table Rock Beach (my personal fav!) Let me tell you somethin’ they weren’t kidding about a California sunset. OH MY GOSH. So so so beautiful. I was in absolute awe. I loved all of the cliffs and rocks that surround Laguna. Nick and I had an amazing time. With very little time off since April, it felt like a dream to have 6 days all to ourselves just to focus on relaxing and each other! So glad we took this trip.

Enjoy some of our photos from the trip… and scroll to the bottom for a little personal life update!!




Had to share iPhone photos from our time in Cali. I love the iPhone and I am so glad that is has such an amazing camera and makes for easy documenting when traveling 🙂


Okay, so a little personal life update!! Well, life is CRAZY! Whew. I shot 3 weddings and 18 sessions in three weeks in October and then we left for Cali. We landed back in Ohio on November 1st and I haven’t taken a day off since! I am done with weddings for 2015, but I am shooting so many family portraits and Christmas sessions! Busy Busy around here but its great. I love having more time to devote to family portraits… Another love of mine.

As most of you know we are in the process of moving. Please remind me next time I say I want to move how much work it is!!! WOW. Can we say exhausted!? A very sweet couple purchased our home in Blacklick this week. It’s sold! We have just a few more days to get out of here. As much as I am so excited for the next chapter in our lives, part of me wants to take this time slow and remember our first home that was so good to us. I know we will miss our time here and all of the memories made.

We have some exciting news!! We close on our dream home Monday!!! YAHOOO!!!!

As of three weeks ago we were planning on moving into my parents house. We have been looking for the right home/property for so long, finding nothing. One morning I was searching online on my phone… just about smacked Nick and said “honey we have to go see this house RIGHT NOW!!!” Called our realtor, scheduled a showing, put in an offer that was accepted — and now we’ve been rushing like fools for a quick close so we could move from one house to the next. Crazy process, let me tell you!

I am so so excited to share our new home with you! BUT — be patient 🙂 This is a fixer upper so we’ve got a lot of work to do. The home is on 4 acres in Pataskala, OH — it has a 6 car garage (so my husband can collect more motorcycles and vintage cars!) and a barn on the property. I have so many exciting plans for this barn, so stay tuned! The house has this beautiful long drive way, amazing trees, a gorgeous deck with the best view. It doesn’t even seem real that it will be ours in just a few days. We’ve dreamt of this simple life in the country for so long and I just truly cannot believe it is about to come true. We’ve been expressing so much gratitude lately!

SO – Disclaimer!! I will have very limited access to email and work until November 19th. This is moving week and its going to take tons of work to get up and running again. I appreciate your patience and understanding at this time!!

As usual, thank you so much for the ongoing love and support. This is a very exciting chapter in our lives and we love having you follow along.


And lastly…

Nick and I put together a little video of some California lovin’. So grateful for this man that always stands by me and wants to do this thing called life together. I know we will cherish these memories so much!

Happy Friday, cheers!

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