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West or Wallace // Get to know your photographer! {Columbus, OH Wedding Photography}

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We thought it would be fun to create a little post getting to know us!

As most of you know… Ashley West is the owner and founder of the business — started in 2011. In 2012 Ashley Wallace joined the team! She is now my full time associate.

SO, what’s an associate!? Well, Ashley’s been 2nd shooting weddings with me for awhile now, and doing miscellaneous  business tasks, and doing AMAZING at all of them. She shoots like me. Edits just like me. Thinks like me. Loves like me. We were destined to work together. So, when you contact me, and I’m booked…. And I so sadly cannot shoot your wedding… I send you right over to Ashley Wallace (#2). Someone I can vouch for who is great at what they do. I know she will take wonderful care of you and preserve the most amazing memories for you and your family. And until her schedule is booked, she will be 2nd shooting with me too, so she may even pop up at your upcoming wedding this year.

Well we did these cute head shots this Fall and thought it the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves… Or re-introduce ourselves to most of you!

So — here are some fun facts about us!! Ready for your West or Wallace!? (We are going to quiz you at the end…) …

Just kidding 🙂

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This is Ashley WEST. Brown hair and glasses….

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This is Ashley WALLACE. Blonde hair & blue eyed…

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Okay — here we go!!

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WEST — Dog lover & Vegetarian                                                          WALLACE — Cat lover & Coffee Drinker

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WEST — Obsessed with DQ Dip cones & ABC’s The Bachelor       WALLACE — In love with Chickens & has 6+ Tattoos

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WEST — Loves to Snowboard and Bake                                             WALLACE — Has a huge family & loves to Crochet/Knit

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What about us both!!?! As we were putting together this blog post it was hard for us to come up with things we didn’t have in common!

So how about a little West AND Wallace for ya!!

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West & Wallace — First and foremost, Photography. Clearly this is our absolute passion and such a major component of what makes us who we are today. We both have 2 Associate Degrees from Columbus State — One of them being an Associate of Photography Degree. We are total people lovers and hopeless romantics. We literally cry at weddings almost every weekend! This is a dream job for both of us and we are so grateful for all the love and support that constantly surrounds us.

We both love to be outdoors! Sign us up to kayak, hike, explore and take adventures. Both love gardening. We are passionate about eating healthy and cooking (when we have the time!!)

We both got married outdoors in September. And both of our husbands are motorcycle riding, tattoo loving men.

Obsessed with the month of October! Ah, bring on the hot drinks, crisp air, chunky sweaters, boots and fallen leaves!

We love house plants. We love crafting. We love anything DIY. Hellllloooooooo Pinterest.

We shoot with the exact same camera body — The Nikon D3S

Both born and raised in Ohio and have dreams of living out in the country soaking up all that simple kind of life has to offer.

We love to shoot any kind of wedding – variety is so fun! But we’d be lying if we said a good farm/barn wedding didn’t totally knock our socks off.

And of course – we are eternal dreamers. Constantly planning and working towards all that the future has to offer. Always striving for more and working our butts off to make this business and ourselves everything we were destined to be!

We are SO glad you stopped by the blog today to learn a little bit about us! For those of you booked with us, WE LOVE YOU and are so excited for your upcoming events. And if you haven’t booked us just yet… We CANNOT WAIT to meet you and learn all of these fun things about you as well!

Until next time!!

XOX – Ashley #1 & Ashley #2

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